What We Need to Combat the Housing Crisis

We need housing within budget.

Housing affordability in our community and across the province is worsening. People under 45 are actively considering leaving because they can’t find homes within their budgets. The loss of these hard-working people will have a detrimental effect on competitiveness, and the ability to retain talent in our community.

Over the next five years, there are no signs that housing prices will lower, and in fact, they will more than likely continue to increase.

Ensure municipal decision-makers take action to make plans now, for a better tomorrow - join the campaign.

We need more options.

56% of non-homeowners have either given up or are very pessimistic about the possibility of buying a home in the community they want to live in.

Learn more about how options would help.

It’s time for our municipal decision-makers to get creative. One of the key issues causing our community’s housing crisis is supply and demand. Our community simply does not have enough housing options on the market to keep up with the number of people that are on the hunt for a new home.

So how can our municipality help?

They play a key role at the decision table when it comes to policies about zoning requirements and development. The decisions they make about these make building new homes easier or more difficult for developers.

Ensure they make decisions that will create more housing options - join the campaign.

We Need to Plan for the Future

Our municipal decision-makers are currently drafting a 10-year plan for the future of our community.  We need to come together to demand better. Their plan needs to be crafted around ideas and policies that support growth to meet the demand and provide affordable options to first-time home buyers.

Addressing the housing crisis will not only help struggling homebuyers but will also boost our economy. Residential construction will be key to economic growth and job creation. More than 600,000 Ontario jobs are dependent on housing.

We must support growth and economic opportunity in our community, join the campaign to voice your support for a home for everyone.  


You can help support solutions to this housing crisis and take action now!